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  1. Sep 01,  · So I may be about twenty years late to the party, but Sinister Dexter is effing fabulous. For the uninitiated, SD is/was one of the many long-running storylines in the UK's AD. Although It's a less well-known series than Judge Dredd or Bad Company, SD might still be infinitely cooler than much of the AD lineup/5.
  2. In the future Euro-sprawl of Downlode, Sinister and Dexter are the best hitmen blood-money can buy. Killers with a code, they're the original gun lovin' criminals! You name it, they maim it Sinister Dexter is a long-running strip created by Dan Abnett and David Millgate for the sci-fi anthology title AD.
  3. Sinister Dexter is a comic series in the British comics anthology AD, created by Dan Abnett and David Millgate. It first appeared in AD Winter Special #7 (December, ).
  4. Dexter Sinister will occupy the Commander's Room at the 7th Regiment Armory every day from 4 March to 23 March releasing a series of parallel texts through multiple channels of distribution which reflect on the Whitney Biennial.
  5. Sinister and Dexter aspects The term "Sinister" and "Dexter" occasionally appear in texts of classical astrology and provide a more careful description of the working of an aspect formed between two planets, or cast from a planet to an angle.
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